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Rs. 4,500.00
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Now it is not hard for you to find an advanced barcode scanner in Sri Lanka.  We are the main supplier for this smart barcode scanner with new features for supermarkets and shops. It has the ability to work on low power consumption with a higher speed of scanning. Within a simple installation, you can start using the scanner as it can detect your computer automatically.

It works perfectly with a 5V Electrical Parameter Voltage, 85ma of a working current and 36ma standby current. Since the working temperature is between 0℃-45℃, you can use this scanner in any part of Sri Lanka. It requires a non-condensing relative Humidity between 5%-95% which is not really applicable to Sri Lanka.

When you first set the scanner, use PC keyboard or scanning option, it supports 20 different keyboard layouts from different countries. This barcode scanner has the lowest price with a high performance if you have a look at barcode reader price list in Sri Lanka. Supermarkets and shops can use this smart handheld barcode reader to grow the business with fast performance. Since our barcode scanners accord with national level2 laser security standards, no hassle for you to go through the laser security specifications. So call us to buy your wireless barcode scanner form us, a leading supplier with a most affordable price in barcode reader price list in Sri Lanka.
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