Affordable Sound Meter in Sri Lanka

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Rs. 6,000.00
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Nano Zone Trading - Rajagiriya.
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When you have to Maintain the sound level to the accepted standards in noisy work places, you have to measure it to see whether it reach a discomforting level. You can use a help of a sound level meter, to find out whether it reaches a critical level or to maintain it to an acceptable level.  As a reliable sound meter supplier in Sri Lanka, we offer you the most suitable device for your need, an accurate sound level meter in Sri Lanka.

For any sound engineer or venue owner, we offer genuine sound meters in Sri Lanka. This product is ornate with many features such as; the automatic shutdown function along with the maximum lock function, measurement range up to 130dB 30~ (DB) with selection of A and C frequency network, fast / slow reaction rate selection, data transmission facility through the USB data line function and the optional SD card memory storage function.

The instrument comes with the international standards in line with the International Committee TYPE2 ANSIS1.4 and the United States national standard TYPE2 IEC651. As a reliable sound meter supplier in Sri Lanka we present you one of the best prices you can ever dream of for a sound level meter in price Sri Lanka, which is just 4500 LKR. Own the most genuine sound meter in Sri Lanka through our free delivery in Colombo city limits or one day cash first-speed postdelivery island-wide with a six months replacement warranty.

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