Mega Scan Pro

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Mega Scan Pro
            New technology The device-making of plastics materials & electronic panels of high quality & solid & not affected by heat or cold air The device to determine the gold found in less than 20 seconds from start-up distances from 100 to 2,000 meters long front, with automatic ground balancing, with a distinctive ability to explore in all-terrain of ground & rocky plains & mountains agricultural ground & mud.

Device name: Mega Scan Pro
Brand: Mega Locators
Research System: Long-Range Sensor, Ionic and Magnetic System
Underground Search Depth: 40 Meters
Warranty:  5 years
Made: Germany 
* Main Unit: Manufactured using the best international plastic in Germany and equipped with high-quality electronic switches
 * LCD screen: It is a color screen characterized by high clarity and not affected by the surrounding factors of climate or the sun
* Radars: These radars work to identify and track targets and characterized by solidity
* Radar sensor system: works on penetrating the earth and contains 8 high-quality sensors with the ability to penetrate rocks and hard soil with high efficiency
* Lithium battery works up to 72 hours efficiently
* Mobile charger for the car
* Home charger features the best quality
* Training CD and catalog in Arabic, English, French, and German
* A dedicated bag for all the contents of the best detector of gold, metals, and treasures
Program detect gold treasures
program detect gold nugget
program detect silver
program detect copper
program detect caves & spaces
program detect platinum
program detect iron
program detect diamond
program detect gemstones
program detect bronze
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Shalila Bldg. 7th floor, 704 9th St. Opposite Abu Dhabi Mall, Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi- UAE
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Shalila Bldg. 7th floor, 704 9th St. Opposite Abu
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