Temperature Humidity Meter in Sri Lanka

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Rs. 4,000.00
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Nano Zone Trading - Rajagiriya.
Hotline: 0778620567  
Email: nanozone34@gmail.com

From a home-based greenhouse business to working in sensitive laboratory conditions it is important to know whether your working area is in the right HVAC system so that you know humidity changes do not damage the results of your products. As a genuine humidity meter supplier in Sri Lanka we offer you one of the reliable humidity meters in Sri Lanka to measure the humidity condition of your work surrounding area.
This 100% brand new imported humidity meter in Sri Lanka offers many features such as a temperature alarm function, a large LCD display and portable design, etc. The wired temperature probe of the hygrometer is used to check the temperature of the environment. This hygrometer simultaneously measures indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity. It shows temperature in both (oC and oF) Celsius and Fahrenheit, in a higher accuracy.

Our factory calibrated digital electronic hygrometer comes into your hand with a 6 months warranty. The humidity meter price in Sri Lanka we offer is very affordable for your pocket. We also offer free delivery in Colombo city area (within one day) and cash first delivery Island wide. For ordering and future information dial us at 0778620567 - Nano Zone Trading. Rajagiriya.
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