Kids English Learning Tablet

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This product is not just for fun, it can also help your children learn English, Chinese, spelling, matching words to pictures and math. Besides, it helps your children improve their eyesight, hearing, problem-solving ability as well as overall knowledge. A great gift for any kid to enjoy as they listen to songs and play while you can rest happily knowing they're learning and getting ahead. Anyway, it's a great way to prepare your child for preschool.

1. Multi-functional modes -- 18 different functions
1) Multi-stage volume adjustment
2) Number: 1-10 (Chinese & English), each number stands for a song (when in the music mode);
3) Letter: alphabet voice exercises for 26 letters
4) Word: vocal exercises for 26 English words;
5) Spelling: spelling exercises for 26 English words;
6) Find letters: Press -- Find the letter -- Found (praise)/ Not found ("please try again");
7) Reading digital: Press -- Choose one number (1-10) -- Read after the machine;
8) Find numbers: Press -- Find the number -- Found (praise)/ Not found ("please try again");
9) Plus Formula: Press -- Find the answer -- Right (praise)/ Wrong ("please try again");
10) Minus Formula: Press -- Find the answer -- Right (praise)/ Wrong ("please try again");
11) Multiplication Mouth Summary: Basic ones, like 1x1=1;
12) Division: Basic ones, like 2/2=1;
13) Reading letters: Press "Letter" -- Choose a letter -- Read after the machine;
14) Find word: Press -- Find the word -- Found (praise)/ Not found ("please try again");
15) Learn phonics: Press -- Choose a picture -- Read after the machine;
16) Scale/ Electronic organ : Press "Scale" , then choose different numbers (7 numbers altogether) to play;
17) Listen music: Press "Listen music", then choose any picture (one song for one picture -- about 30 popular songs for children;
18) Chinese/ English: 1st press -- Chinese; 2nd press -- English.
Note: A second press is needed for each function to operate
2. Funny ways (animal calls, scale,etc) are provided for children to learn letters, words, songs, etc.
3. 8 different learning modes, more powerful.

4. Portable (only 1.8 cm thick), gentle press, easy for children to operate.

5.size: length:18cm,width: 14cm
Power by 3 x AAA batteries (Not included)
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