Designer / Illustrator... Work From Home

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Rs. 80,000.00
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Designer / Illustrator... Work From Home
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Part Time
Job Description
People! Here’s your chance to help take one of Sri Lanka’s most exciting tech startups to the next level. This is a significant opportunity for a focused talent to join the Creative team and help drive growth without leaving your house... 

Required Experience:

 Productivity: Champion design-led approach. Manages a fair workload, volunteers for additional work, prioritizes tasks, develops good work procedures, manages time well, handles information flow. 
 Creativity: Create elegant designs / illustrations / the knowledge of the psychology of fonts (and how they make you feel), that make it easy for people to understand concepts and stories. Understanding of colour psychology in storytelling and marketing. Generates new ideas, practices self-development.
 Ability to perform web research: Access the correct sites and extract information in the shortest possible time. 
 Technical requirements: Expertise with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator (PLEASE APPLY ONLY: If you are familiar with what Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator applications can achieve). Any experience with Flash, After Effects, and/or web development is a definite plus.
 Language: Must have ability to read and write fluently in English.

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1 Year or Less
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  • English
College Degree
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Sri Lanka
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