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Rs. 15.00
As we are in the process of migrating we have decided to sell our restaurant and are looking for offers. The Restaurant is located on the main Kohuwela, Nugegoda road just opposite the Seagis Campus and seats 18 pax. It started operations in December of 2018 and was breaking even by March 2019. Sales dropped in April and May due to the security issues but is slowly climbing back up again. It’s a high end concept restaurant/cafe and the brand is becoming quite well recognised. In early April it was valued and we were advised to look for franchises for this concept. I am okay with selling it for the best offer I get and the fastest possible sale.  
Accounts can be verified and the company is a limited liabilty. Staffing needed was only 3 individuals as there is 18 covers. However, we managed it ourselves so might have to consider a supervisor for this place if you are looking at purchasing it and not managing it. There is a lease as well that will have to be taken. Process manuals along with the food menu will be included and a non disclosure signed with you on the recipes on purchase as this is a concept. The process of food production is quite simple and easy to handle and specialised staff is unnecessary. chefs etc. are not needed and a simple crew member can produce the food. For expansion, it will become necessary to look at new locations and new staff. The brand is quite well known and is one of the best restaurants in the area. Simple, charming and elegant.
Financial details and images will be provided on request.
Contact Number
Oct 23, 2019
Sri Lanka
Western Province
124 S De S Jayasinghe Mw
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