Disposable Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brushes

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Mr. Chen is a purchasing manager of a glass surgical instrument company in Guangzhou. Recently, Mr. Chen was a little annoyed because his company used a large number of inner tube test disposable surgical instrument cleaning brushes for polishing and polishing every day. However, the delivery time of the supplier has not been able to catch up, which seriously affects the production schedule. The company’s leaders instructed him to find a quality. There is a guaranteed and timely delivery of a disposable surgical instrument cleaning brushes.

Mr. Chen learned from friends that the group is a professional manufacturer of disposable surgical instrument cleaning brusheses, so he called the group to understand the situation. Xiao Liu told Mr. Chen: “Aoqun company specializes in producing inner tube surgical instrument for more than 11 years. The rubber wire uses new PA material, strong recovery and quality assurance. The company has many imported automatic production equipment for disposable surgical instrument cleaning brushes to meet the majority. In addition, cooperate with a number of large logistics companies to ensure on-time delivery; in the Pearl River Delta region, according to the actual situation, delivery can be arranged.” Subsequently, Mr. Chen made a small batch of orders for trial production, look proud What is the actual effect of the group.


Three days later, Mr. Chen received 500 samples of the inner tube surgical instrument, and he was very happy; so he called Xiao Liu and said: “Your company’s delivery is fast. This time, finally find a supplier with a heart, just follow you. Proud group has long-term cooperation.”

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Sep 10, 2019
Sri Lanka
3rd Floor,No. 333 South Panyu Avenue, Dongchong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China
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