Custom General Instrument Cleaning Brushes

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Miss Li from Taiwan found the AOQUN customer service Xiao Liu on the online platform. They are the purchasing department set up by a US daily necessities company in Taiwan. Now they need three sets of general instrument cleaning brushes, and the packaging is also required by customers. There would order 5,000 sets per month, the brush must be neat.

Xiao Liu asked Miss Li to send drawings and product pictures to confirm: the product is an ordinary general instrument cleaning brushes, there is no problem in the process, the filament is white, but the original filament is different in length, it looks messy, will also affect the cleaning effect. This phenomenon is a problem of material cut corners. The filament is divided into a lot of uniformity grades, and Miss Li should have only 50% less filament. AOQUN general instrument cleaning brushes is used more than 80% of the uniformity of filament, so the brush is neat, the cleaning effect doubled. Xiao Liu selected different sizes of samples sent to Miss Lit.

A week later, Ms. Li contacted Xiao Liu and said that she would place an order. The quality of the general instrument cleaning brushes that is custom-made is very good. Just when the purchase of the US headquarters came to Taiwan, they saw samples, and they specified AOQUN to make the brushes.
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Sep 11, 2019
Sri Lanka
Eastern Province
3rd Floor,No. 333 South Panyu Avenue, Dongchong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China
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