General Instrument Cleaning Brushes Without AOQUN

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In March, I received a message from the US medical customer Tim, the general instrument cleaning brush scratched medical instrument that was ordered from another supplier, causing customer complaints and a drastic reduction in orders. Tim asked us if we can do a medical instrument without scratching equipment.

Our gold sales customer service Mary responded promptly after receiving the customer’s mail for 1 minute. I learned the size of the general instrument cleaning brush and the head treatment. We found that the head of the general instrument cleaning brushes was very sharp and the reserved length was long. We recommend reducing the length of the head to 4mm to 2.5mm, and special treatment of the head of the brush to avoid too sharp, scratching equipment. Mary also sent a special treatment to the head and sent a video to Tim without special processing. Tim was very satisfied with our professional advice and video effects, and paid for the usd90 sample customization fee. We sent the samples 3 days later.

After receiving the medical instrument sample, Jim was very satisfied with the appearance of the product. The first time I tested it, I found that the general instrument cleaning brush did not scratch the equipment. After one week, we received Jim’s 30,000 orders.
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Sep 11, 2019
Sri Lanka
3rd Floor,No. 333 South Panyu Avenue, Dongchong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China
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