Hymen Restore without Surgery in Sri Lanka

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Rs. 12,000.00
More information about hymen restore solutions available...please call 077 869 28 60 Amila Perera.

Worried about you lost virginity and no money to spend on a surgery? We have the best solution for you with us. This is the only virginity restore product in Sri Lanka. And it is the best way to restore virginity without a surgery. 

Why it is the best virginity restore product in Sri Lanka?

The hymen repair surgery is called hymenoplasty.  If you go for this surgery, it is very painful long time procedure which takes a long time to heal the wound. But if you take our hymen repair kit, it’s a safe, cheap and a quick solution.  

This hymen repair kit consists of a natural membrane made with glucose. It is not painful to insert the capsule, use your index finger and slide inside to the vagina. Once you keep the capsule inside, it will stick into inner walls and dissolve once you are getting penetrated by your lover. This solution will act as a temporary hymen and restoring your virginity, bleeding for a while like it is real! And your partner will not notice anything unusual.
So why keep suffering when you have this product in Sri Lanka?? No need to pay advance, delivery free for Colombo area and we do cash on delivery within a day island wide. Call us soon to get your hymen restoration kit today and enjoy life!
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Dec 21, 2018
Sri Lanka
Western Province
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